Welcoming speech of our board-of-trustees manager

In 2020 the Kissinger Sommer is about a certain, very special artist. The great composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven would have celebrated his 250th birthday this year. Fittingly, Diana Ross once said: „Music is a reflection of the time in which it is written“. Beethoven's works clearly follow this mantra, yet they are heavily influenced by European history. With his repertoire one can trace the historical development from baroque absolutism to the French Revolution. Especially featured in his works are the values of revolution, freedom, equality and brotherhood. It is no coincidence and a testament to his influence that the last line of the „Ode to Joy“ became the European hymn.

Staatsministerin Dorothee Bär MdB © Tobias Koch_web

By including two unique European ensembles, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and le Cercle de l'Harmonie, the Kissinger Sommer sets a shining example for intercultural understanding. Beethoven's musical work as a humanist European is an inspiration for us today to cooperate with each other even across borders. Humanity can solve many of its problems in no other way. Once more the programme of the Kissinger Sommer lives up to its reputation of showing the creative process of European artists in a beautiful ambience. This is all thanks to the work of Dr. Tilman Schlömp. For this he has my thanks. This year we managed to have the government support the Kissinger Sommer with a generous donation.

I wish you all a stimulating and happy celebration with unforgettable sounds and wonderful moments in Beethoven's year 2020.

Unterschrift Frau Bär

Dorothee Bär
Board-of-trustees manager, Minister of state MdB, Berlin