Welcoming Speech of the Lord Mayor

The Kissinger Sommer is not just a festival for fans of classical music. For more than 30 years the Kissinger Sommer has stood as a monument in the shimmering roundelay of large, international music festivals. For Bad Kissingen as a city, the Kissinger Sommer has a special meaning – it is not just an impressive outlet for classical and modern serious music, it is indeed an institution and a part of the identity of Bad Kissingen and its citizens. With its enormous impact, the Kissinger Sommer is one of the foundational pillars of the image and cultural, touristic and economic value of Bad Kissingen.

ob_kgEvery year it evolves and grows – in its reputation, its radiance and the recognition by its visitors. It grows because it is so lively and because the host, artists and visitors can have unforgettable experiences at this festival, experiences that intertwine while enjoying the music and the ambiance of the Kissinger Sommer.

In 2017 the Kissinger Sommer had somewhat of an “Indian summer”. Through the careful but consistent re-imagining and thematic accentuation by the new Artistic Director Dr. Tilman Schlömp the Kissinger Sommer opened its doors and still remained true to itself. The audiences and citizens of Bad Kissingen were more than just enthusiastic due to this new approach.

Dear audience, you can be assured that the Kissinger Sommer will continue to keep developing along its path and bring forth new innovations and surprises, all on the same world-class quality.



Kay Blankenburg
Lord Mayor