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Data protection regulations

When you visit this or other websites, your browser transmits data to our web server. This data is then recorded in a running connection between your browser and our server:

  • Date and time of the request
  • Name of the requested data
  • Site, the data has been requested from.
  • Status (Data transmitted, not found, etc.)
  • Browser and operating system
  • Complete IP address of the requested computer
  • Size of transmitted data

After the connection is closed the data will be made anonymous by shortening the IP address so it can’t be traced back to single users.

Handling of E-Mail addresses
If you send us an E-Mail, your address will only be used for the correspondence with us. Afterwards it is deleted from our server. It won’t be used for other purposes and will not be given to third parties.

When accessing our servers, Cookies (small bits of data) will be saved on your computer, which are only valid for the duration of your visit. We use them solely to identify you. Most browsers are set up to accept Cookies this function can be turned for one visit or permanently. After leaving our website they will be deleted automatically.

Involvement of an external service provider for the realization or upkeep of a website

Compare to Answer 1
Correct content of person-related data (measures for examination and correction), if generated and saved

You have the right to receive information about saved data related to you. You also have the right to have that data corrected, barred from access and deleted.
Revealing and transmitting person-related data (for example only with permission or because of legal obligations)

Saved data related to you will not be given to third parties (except for legal obligations) and will only be used for the aforementioned purposes.

Used measures for protecting person-related data online (for example cryptographic measures and protocols)

If you visit sites and request data and are required to give information about yourself, keep in mind that the data transmission goes through open channels and may not be secure from other parties.
If you want to send an E-Mail with precious data to us please encrypt it to protect it against other parties, who want to acquire or falsify it.

Active components

This site uses active components like Javascript, Java-Applets or Active-X-Controls. This function can be disabled through the settings of your browser.

Webtracking systems

No tracking systems (such as Google Analytics) are in place.

Use of a forum with pseudonyms

There is currently no forum.

Contacts for further questions

Should you have further questions regarding data protection, please contact:

Rainer Warzecha
Rathausplatz 1
97688 Bad Kissingen
T +49 (0) 971 807-2300
F +49 (0) 971 807-2309