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Sheva Tehoval receives the Luitpold Prize of the Sponsorship Association

Förderverein © Julia Milberger

On the 5th of November, the soprano singer Sheva Tehoval performed four romanticist songs together with Samira Spiegel on the piano for the members of the Kissinger Sommer Sponsorship Foundation. The mini concert was a way for her to give her thanks for the Luitpoldpreis worth 5,000€, which was given to her by First Chairman Anton Schick in the name of the Kissinger Sommer Sponsorship Foundation. On the evening before the official release of the programme, Artistic Director Dr Tilman Schlömp showed the programme to the Sponsorship Association. Artists like Paavo Järvi and Daniil Trifonov, Frank Peter Zimmermann, Radu Lupu or Kent Nagano define the festival, soprano singer Julia Lezhneva performs as Artist in Residence in three concerts.

Members of the Kissinger Sommer Sponsorship Association can order their tickets now. From the 26th of November onward pre-orders will be available to all.

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