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Momeries of the student concert from the 26th of June 2017

with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the conductor Sakari Oramo.

Did you ever imagine what it's like to be on the same stage as professional musicians and play music together? 
The students of the local grammar school Jack-Steinberger-Gymnasium Bad Kissingen, were able to make this experience in the summer 2017. They moderated the concert and asked self-devised questions to the professionals. 

Immerse into the dress rehersal which was recorded by us in different sequences and cut into one video: 

The actual concert with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the conductor Sakari Oramo and the students took place on the 26th June 2017 during the Kissinger Sommer Festival. Since 2013 Sakari Oramo has been the chief conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and therfore is part of one of the leading british ensembles. With the program "connect it" by the Orchestra the students and some adults in the audience got to know the musical expression of Body Percussion. 

After the interactive part the young musicians played together with the professionals pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven, Anna Meredith and Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski. 

Here you can look back on the sequences from the concert: 

The student concert this year will take place digitally. 
Further information will be announced as soon as possible.