For the Kissinger Sommer the members of the sponsorship association are more than just founders.

They are reliable friends in which you can place your trust. They in turn are treated as premium customers of the festival. They have numerous advantages such as receiving the festival program earlier than other customers and having the right to pre-order four weeks in advance. The incredible demand and sold-out events in the past years have shown that this is a great perk – members can also choose their seat before anyone else.

Since the Kissinger Sommer 2017 all members of the sponsorship association receive a personal VIP card, distinguishing them as premium customers. The code on the back of the card makes buying tickets easier. Another advantage: When presenting the card, the owner gets the program brochure for free.

Fördervereinskarte 2021

The Kissinger Sommer sponsorship association supported many young artists that were affected by the cancellation of the Kissinger Sommer festival 2020 by paying their gage. Because of the association´s members´ initiative a small high-quality festival was able to take place in fall 2020. here six concerts were supported by the sponsorship association paying the gages. Furthermore, the association funds the Kissingen Piano Olympics since 2003.

Since 1999 the association also awards new artists with the Luitpoldpreis, worth € 5,000. So far the award winners are Nikolai Znaider, Alisa Weilerstein, Jochen Kupfer, Isa Gericke, Baiba Skride, JanKobow, Mojca Erdmann, Peter Ovtcharov, Tine Thine Helseth, David Lomeli, Igor Levit, Kejia Xiong, Anna Lucia Richter, Julia Novikova, Konstantin Shamray, Kian Soltani, Sung Min Song, Andrei Ioniţă, Julian Trevelyan, Sheva Tehoval and in 2019 Julian Habermann. This young elite already presents itself as stars.

The joining form for the Kissinger Sommer sponsorship association is printed onto the back of the ordering papers and is available as a downloadable pdf on the homepage of the association.

Become a member of the Förderverein Kissinger Sommer e. V.

The sponsorship association was founded in 1992 and is the biggest sponsor of the festival by now. A membership grants you several perks:

  • Exclusive showings for members
  • You get the festival program as early as November
  • Pre-order three weeks in advance
  • You get a personal membership card
  • When presenting the card you receive one program brochure per concert for free
  • Reception of the association at a chosen concert of the festival
  • You receive a donation voucher, deductible from tax


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Förderverein Kissinger Sommer