Bad Brückenau, König-Ludwig-I.-Saal

The historical Kursaalgebäude hall from 1833 is a sight regarding architecture and interior design and it is pictured on post cards from the resort and vacation city. The classicist hall with promenade was built on behalf of King Ludwig I. according to plans by Johann Gottfried Guttensohn (1792 – 1851).

The first stone was set in 1827 on the King’s birthday, the 25th of August, with 700 guests having been present for the occasion, the basilica-style building was christened in 1833. Inside, it is divided over two stories into the King Ludwig I. Hall, the Lola Montez Hall and the King’s Loge on the upper floor. Fine cornices and arabesque paintings, delicate grotesquerie paintings and Italian Renaissance ornamentation complete the kingly ambiance of the building.

Nowadays there are congresses, concerts and balls in the King Ludwig I. Hall. In the smaller Lola Montez Hall theatre plays are a fixed part of the event programme. Historically there were vernissages, meetings and concert in small circles in the King’s Loge.


Bad Brückenau, König-Ludwig-I.-Saal
Amand-von-Buseck-Straße 12
97769 Bad Brückenau