The Max-Littmann-Saal is regarded as one of the best concert halls in the world by artists and concert visitors alike. The paneling of the walls and the pillars of the 36-meter long and 16-meter high hall with cherry wood as well as the wide balcony with three open sides provide the perfect sound. Foldable doors to the Green Hall (Grüner Saal) and to the side entrances can be hidden inside the pillars. This way the White Hall (Weißer Saal) can be used as well. The Max-Littmann-Saal holds 660 seats in the main room, the balcony can hold 500 more. The Large Hall (Großer Saal) is located in the jewel of the city, the Regentenbau, which play a central role for Bad Kissingen in applying for the title UNESCO World Heritage.

Prince regent Luitpold von Bayern ordered the construction of the Regentenbau at the beginning of the 20th century, it was inaugurated in 1913. The icon of Bad Kissingen is the connection between the historical city center and the health resort itself. The Max-Littmann-Saal was conceived as a concert hall and is today a meeting spot for culture, science and economy.

Ludwigstraße 2
97688 Bad Kissingen


Hall plan

You can download the hall plan as a PDF file here or view it by enlarging the picture.



Parking possibilities

P 8, 11 und 12 (500 m), P 6 und 7 (700 m)


Here you can download the plan for parking lots:

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