Münnerstadt, Kloster Maria Bildhausen

In 1156, when Hermann Graf von Stahleck funded the monastery, two years later when Cistercian monks from the Ebrach Monastery in the Steigerwald forest moved in it was the beginning of a story dating back to the Middle Ages, a story which at times was uneventful and at times turbulent.

In 2008 there a remembrance for the 850 years of history covering the time of the Cistercian Order, the devastating consequences of the secularization in 1803 and pastor Dominikus Ringeisen starting anew together with the brave nuns of the St. Josef Congregation Ursberg in 1897. Today, Maria Bildhausen is a place where people with disabilities are cared for, it is a place for prayer but also for recuperation and reflect. In the monastery Maria Bildhausen history, spirit, art and culture come alive. This atmosphere is both calming and encouraging. Places for tranquillity and those for communication, exercise and hospitality do not negate each other’s effects but rather help with relaxation and building inner strength.

The monastery Maria Bildhausen is situated in an attractive landscape, surrounded by well-built bike and hiking paths, an 18-hole golf course, near the famous health resort cities Bad Kissingen, Bad Neustadt and Bad Königshofen. On the monastery premises there are many possibilities to stay, relax and explore.


Münnerstadt, Kloster Maria Bildhausen
Maria Bildhausen 1
97702 Münnerstadt