The Kissinger Piano Olympics from 3th till 6th of october 2019

Every year in October the Kissinger Piano Olympics are a platform for young pianists in Bad Kissingen, the most famous health resort in Germany. The competition, which was founded in 2003 by exclusively private investors, has awarded people like Martin Helmchen, Nikolai Tokarev, Igor Levit and Herbert Schuch.

Kissinger KlavierOlymp

Six highly talented, young pianists among the outstanding, new talents in Europe are invited to Bad Kissingen every year to introduce themselves to the jury and the Kissingen audience with their own program. They are all winners of national and international competitions. In the magnificent Regentenbau of the Munich Architect Max Littmann in the Rossini-Saal built in 1838 there will be, in total, seven concerts by the young piano virtuosos over the course of four days. After the final concert at Sunday evening the winners are announced.

All participants of the Kissinger Piano Olympics are then invited to the next Kissinger Sommer. The first place plays solo with an orchestra while the remaining pianists perform two solo recitals. An expert jury chooses the award winners and those in the audience who visited all concerts can give their vote for an audience price.

Even after the competition in autumn the Kissinger Sommer supports the pianists of the Piano Olympics. Through cooperation with other organizers the young award winners are sure to be involved in artistic endeavors besides the Kissinger Sommer.

Promotion of the
Kissinger Piano Olympics

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The candidates of the 16th Kissinger Piano Olympics 2018


Marie Sophie Hauzel ©ohne

Marie Sophie Hauzel




Martin James Bartlett ©Kaupo Kikkas

Martin James Bartlett




Samira Spiegel ©ohne

Samira Spiegel




Aris Alexander Blettenberg ©ohne

Aris Alexander Blettenberg




Juan Pérez Floristán ©Mario Marzo

Juan Pérez Floristán




Lukasz Krupinski

Łukasz Krupiński




The award winners of the
Kissinger Piano Olympics

This is an overview of the award winners of the Kissinger Piano Olympics so far. Many artists have laid the groundwork for their careers here in Bad Kissingen. Numerous pianists rose up to be stars of classical music through the Kissinger Piano Olympics such as Igor Levit, Michail Lifits, Herbert Schuch and Kit Armstrong.


 Year1st place2nd place3rd placeAudience Prize


Martin Helmchen
Nikolai Tokarew

Stewart GoodyearKyrill GersteinMihaela Ursuleasa

2004Alexei ZouevIgor LevitAlice Sara OttAndrei Banciu


Herbert Schuch

Lukas Vondrávcek

Anna Winnizkaja
Peter Ovtscharov

Joseph Moog
Miroslav Kultyshev


Christian Ihle Hadland
Kit Armstrong

not awardedAlexej GorlachMona Asuka Ott


Vestard Shimkus

Michail LifitsDavid KadouchZhang Hai'ou


Yeol Eum Son

Olga SchepsBenjamin KimClaire Huangci


Kiryl Keduk

Boris KusnezkowKateryna TitovaKiryl Keduk


Behzod Abduraimov

Nareh ArghamanyanAvan YuAlexei Grigorjew


Konstantin Shamray

Adan LaloumPawel KolesnikowPawel Kolesnikow


Magdalena Müllerperth
Da Sol Kim

not awardedBeatrice MagnaniMagdalena Müllerperth


Chi Ho Han

Georgy TchaidzeAurelia ShimkusChi Ho Han


Julian Jia

Niu NiuBoyang ShiJulian Jia


Jorge González

Maxim LandoClayton StephensonJorge González


Elisabeth Brauß

Julian Trevelyan
Thomas Schuch

not awardedNikolay Khozyainov


Emre Yavuz

Sergei RedkinViktor SoosLuisa Imorde

2018Juan Pérez FloristánMartin James BartlettŁukasz KrupińskiMartin James Bartlett