Future Lab

This year the Bad Kissingen Future Lab is bringing back a successful concept from 2017: The student concert in conjunction with the BBC Symphony Orchestra left us with fond memories. Now students will again be performing side by side with the masters from London and moderating the concert. If you are interested in taking part with your own instrument or as a student assistant please contact Erna Buscham.

Zukunftslabor © Sonja Werner

This grand scenic project of the Bad Kissingen Future Lab had originally been planned for 2020. We were able to secure the government funding for 2021 and can still complete this project. Our work will be based around Beethoven's only opera “Fidelio”, one of the most important works in musical history, in order to create a modernised “Bad Kissingen” version. Students will make up the project orchestra which will be led by Johannes Klumpp. A project choir will help to arrange the Chorus of Prisoners and the finale. The content and text of this “rescue opera” will be updated by us. We want to give Fidelio's wife Leonore, who was the original namesake for the work, a larger role again as she is the true heroine. This is why we have called this project “Leonore” / “Fidelio” 2020. Till Kleine-Möller will direct the opera and form the final team out of the large number of candidates.

Kontakt: Erna Buscham, Leitung Kissinger Zukunftslabor
E-Mail: ebuscham@stadt.badkissingen.de