Bad Kissingen Future Lab

The Kissinger Sommer will again work towards the future at the 2019 festival. Together with pianists of the Bad Kissingen Piano Olympics we will offer recitals for students and our Musical Paper Chase for children between ages 5 to 8.


Zukunftslabor © Sonja Werner

Our big project for the Future Lab this year is a fully fledged opera: “Le devin du village” (“The Village Fortune-teller”) by French philosopher and composer Jean-Jacques Rosseau, premiered in Castle Fontainebleau in 1752.The interplay of virtuosic arias and sung verses requires a larger presence of professional musicians. Therefore we are partnering Theaterakademie August Everding in Munich. The Academy’s students will be our solo vocalists and the orchestra Accademia di Monaco will perform under Joachim Tschiedel. The schools in Bad Kissingen will be in charge of the choir, actors and dancers. The students will rehearse their own musical numbers and combine their ideas with Rosseau’s music, just like at the 2018 festival. Director Till Kleine-Möller will run a workshop for students and teachers about the basics of the directing concept to ensure that everything comes together in a professional opera production. As always our Future Project is a work in progress that is only in its beginning phases when the programme is printed. We don’t know yet how the story of the fortune teller will end. One thing is for certain, however: At the end all students will be together on stage to receive the audience’s applause.

Kontakt für das Zukunftslabor:
Erna Buscham,