Artist in Residence 2019

“Agitated by two winds, trembling waves in the turbulent sea” – Vivaldi paints this force of nature in sound and soprano singer Julia Lezhneva adds only the natural sound of her own voice as a personal touch. This, however, forces the focus to shift to the inside: “This heart” is “torn” between two forces, love and duty, just like the wild sea.


In order to still find the meaning behind the simple morals of baroque opera, an artist must keep the unmitigated expression found in all the flourish of these melodies. The deciding factor in the midst of all this ease and technical perfection is the calm, warm tone of voice that comes forth at simple passages. The “smile in her voice”, the “laugh of an angel” (according to newspaper “Oberbayerische Volkszeitung” about her concert in Herrenchiemsee 2018), it seems as if Julia Lezhneva regularly spurns reviewers to trump each other with new formulations and use of adjectives. But what can we hear in her concert? We are probably torn, at one point we are astounded by the perfect trills and coloratura and feel the crystal clear notes. At another point we feel the deep emotion flaring up in a simple melody. Julia Lezhneva’s personality reflects this. She loves snow. During our meeting with her in Lucerne she mentions that there is snow in her home country, from the hotel you can look into a landscape covered by it. It is one of the last days of winter in March 2018, the snow is likely just a pale reflection of winter landscape on the island of Sachalin, her home. The glittering lights on the cold surface recall the bright tones shining in baroque arias. In order to relay this image to the listener it takes a certain ingredient, a kind of expression that Julia Lezhneva just naturally possesses. All she has to do is sing. Any intentional dramatisation seems superfluous. She can touch anyone with her voice.

06/28/2019, 4 PM in the Rossini-Saal: Artist meet with Julia Lezhneva

Concerts with Julia Lezhneva:

6/27/2019 Baroque Bravour Arias

7/3/2019 Heart Storm

7/14/2019 Final Concert