A Day with Joseph Haydn

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Spira Mirabilis © Giancarlo Pradelli 1

When Count Nikolaus I. Esterházy started his reign in Eisenstadt after his brother died, a very capable “Vice-Kapellmeister” entered his service: Joseph Haydn. His task was to arrange for ceremonial music together with the court chapel, ranging from “Synfonia” to “Opera” and church music to “Feld Musique” for parades and guard changes. At that point Haydn had composed nine symphonies, over the course of his life that number was to rise to a total of 104 to 107 (depending on method of counting). Symphonies no.6 to 8 revolve around the times of day: “Le matin” (“Morning”), “Le midi” (“Noon”) and “Le soir” (“Evening”). Whether a musical day was performed on castle Esterháza with these symphonies is not known. It is not out of the question due to the Count’s love for parties and splendour. In the Kissinger Sommer we will put the three symphonies to just that use – a day with Joseph Haydn: “Morning” will be the opener, followed by brunch in the Kurgarten Café and “Noon”, after a coffee break the “Vice-Kapellmeister” will close with his humorous “Evening” symphony, which contains the then popular “Tabakslied” (Tobacco Song) by Gluck (the venue remains smoke-free). You will have the option of visiting the open-air concert with rotations of Mozart works. After that, the late-night concert with Vision String Quartet returns to Joseph Haydn and closes out with amusing pop arrangements in the night.

Concerts on Saturday, 6/22/2019:
10 AM: Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 6 D major “Le matin” (“Morning”)
11 AM: Brunch in the Kurgarten Café
1 PM: Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 7 C major “Le midi” (“Midday”)
2 PM: Coffee break with cake in the Kurgarten Café (around 3 PM artist meeting)
7 PM: Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 8 G major “Le soir” (“Evening”)
9 PM: “Of Search and Discovery – Encounters with Mozart”
11PM: Late-night concert