Beloved Distance – Vocal Programs of the Kissinger Sommer

The distance, the unknown had an irresistible pull on many artists and their views due to this lead to impressive artists. Goethe's publisher Cotta basically jump started this development when he gave the poet a collection of Persian lyric in 1814. The poet discovered a fascinating new world and created „West-Eastern Divan“ which influenced generations of poets and composers. Peering into strange worlds is a big challenge for us even today. We call globalisation but are still helpless when trying to comprehend the complex feelings and ways of thinking of other people.

Pianist Burkhard Kehring has made it his mission to design the already huge spectrum of piano repertoire in a more international way. With his varied project „Divan of Song“ he builds bridges between the east and the west, just like Goethe's poem collection. In his „Divan“ programmes Burkhard Kehring creates a „bazar of sounds, voices, works and ideas“, he combines western music with new works, traditional music and recitals. Together Burkhard Kehring we have chosen two programmes which bring Korean sound scapes and Persian aesthetics to the Rossini-Saal with the help of soprano singer Narea Son and tenor singer Daniel Behle respectively.

Another kind of distance are the past times of the Middle Ages which inspired composer Carl Orff to his most well-known work. The Kissinger Sommer honours the composer on the day of his 125th anniversary by performing two works to demonstrate the huge range of his creativity: his early work „Dancing Fauns“ and „Carmina Burana“, the songs based on Latin and German texts of the monastery Benediktbeuern. Carl Orff initially envisioned projections and filmic pictures to complete the visual of the music for Carmina Burana. The Kissinger Sommer picks up this idea and adds the „magical pictures“ mentioned in the appendices of the works as modern components.

The visuals exclusively created for the Kissinger Sommer by movie artist Michael Carstens will be projected by multiple projectors onto the walls of the inner courtyard of the historical Luitpoldbad.

For Ludwig van Beethoven distant places also played an important role. Even as a teenager he loved to peer over the Rhine into the Siebengebirge through a looking glass. In his song cycle „To the distant beloved“ he describes such a situation: „On the hill sit I, peering Into the blue, hazy land...“. Klaus Florian Vogt will perform this cycle, which shows Beethoven's romanticist side, during the Song Evening on the 5th of July. On this song weekend we also explore the avant garde side of music in the Bad Kissingen SongWorkshop under the title „Beloved Distance“ which contrasts to Beethoven's work. The look into distant lands where (supposed) unreachable happiness lies is a very romanticist view. „To the distant beloved“ was an inspiration for many romanticist song cycles, however, the composers of the Bad Kissingen SongWorkshop will send their vocalists forth with a different, more modern view.

Vocal Programs 2020:

Opening Concert - Italian Opera Gala
06/24/2020   Scottish and Irish Songs
06/26/2020    Late-night concert - „Jacques Brel. A Hommage"
07/03/2020   Olivia Trummer Trio
07/04/2020    SongWorkshop 1
07/05/2020   SongWorkshop 2
07/05/2020    Not of this World
07/07/2020    Divan of Song – 1
07/10/2020    Carmina Burana
07/11/2020   Festival Orchestra
07/12/2020    Jazz breakfast 2
07/12/2020   Divan of Song – 2
07/16/2020   Duet
07/18/2020   „Leonore“ / „Fidelio“ 2020
07/19/2020   „Leonore“ / „Fidelio“ 2020
07/19/2020  Final Concert