Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen - Festivalorchestra of the Kissinger Sommer

The artistic success of Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen is based on the mutual sympathy and appreciation of the unique interplay between orchestra and conductor. 

The Estonian-american concductor Paavo Järvi, who has been artistic director since 2004, was raised in a family of conductors has learned in best maestro tradition what it means to conduct and how much discipline, ambition, curiosity, experience and personality it takes to present the classics in a new light. Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen has been well-versed in performing historically accurate for many years and can also perform perfectly on their own. The respective willingness of both parties to jump head first into new adventures without eschewing perfection garuantees a unique musical experience. A high point of the work with Paavo Järvi was the joint Beethoven Project which had been the focus of conductor and orchestra for six years. All over the world it has been praised by audiences and critics as revolutionary. The senational success spurred them to further cyclical projects.

Die deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen & Paavo Järvi © Julia Baier

Furthermore, as the festival orchestra of the Kissinger Sommer, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen take great care to pass on their musical and sociopolitical competencies, as well as their experience. The basis for this is the orchestra's experience with their own Future Lab. It was created as a joint project with the school Gesamtschule Bremen-Ost, in which most of the project work is completed. The orchestra is convinced that music is a driving force in developing society. The thus resulting cooperation has been honoured with numerous awards since then, such as the 2007 Future Award as Best Social Innovation and the Echo Klassik for the Promotion of Young Academics in 2012. Our State Minister of Culture has also declared the Future Lab of Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen a model project.

The presence of Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen at the Kissinger Sommer will be completed with its own exclusive range of chamber music. Under the name „Kammerphilharmonie & friends“ we present chosen musicians from the orchestra's network.

Concerts featuring the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen:

25.6.2021 Romantic soaring flights
4.7.2021   BACHianas - Kammerphilharmony & Friends
17.7.2021 Picknick-Concert - Kammerphilharmony & Firends