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More Events

Pre-concert Talks

During the 2022 festival:
Every Friday at 5 pm
Grüner Saal im Regentenbau
Free admission (Pre-concert talk in German)

Knowledge and understanding increase the pleasure. For this reason, many major orchestras and promoters like to offer introductions before their concerts. Experts shed light on the genesis of the musical works, the circumstances in which they were first performed; they present the ideas that work behind the compositions and find expression in them, and they give examples of how certain works have been received in the course of history, taken as models or as the occasion for demarcations. The aim of the lecturers is to sharpen the curiosity for what is to be heard and to draw attention here and there to special features that one would not necessarily discover on first or single hearing.

The pre-concert talks at the Kissinger Sommer 2022 always take place early on Friday evenings at 5 pm and have a special form. They focus on the concert that will take place on the same evening, but also give previews and hints about the other concerts of the respective weekend. The speakers have the academic training needed to provide competent information. Above all, however, they are music enthusiasts, and they are keen to pass on their enthusiasm for music in a knowledgeable but also entertaining way.