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Prélude Concerts

Every Friday and Saturday at 6pm during the 2022 Festival in public places in the city.
Free admission

Summertime is serenade time. Wherever music was held in high esteem, instrumental ensembles of the most diverse instrumentations, strings, wind instruments, mixed groups, but also choirs were drawn out into the open air to delight themselves and their mostly casual listeners with playing and singing. The Kissinger Sommer comes back to this beautiful practice and thus carries the musical pleasure of the festival season into the city as well. During the festival weeks, different groups gave an open air concert of about half an hour every Friday and Saturday evening at 6 pm.

They played and sang on the market square, in front of the casino, in front of the "Sisi" monument, in the concert shell, at the Taschner fountain and on the theatre square, among other places. What they performed was as colourful and diverse as the ensembles themselves and their instrumentations; artists from guest orchestras such as the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and the hr Symphony Orchestra performed some of the summer music. In others, groups from Bad Kissingen performed, the gospel choir "Die KisSingers" and the JuLifa choir, for example, and ensembles from the local music school.

You can experience the prélude concerts - free of charge, of course - as a prelude to an evening's weekend pleasure, as a taster offer that arouses curiosity for more, or as an hors d'oeuvre for an evening concert in the Max Littmann Hall, you can linger with them or stroll to their sounds - just as you please.