16. Kissinger Piano Olympics 2018

The 16th Kissinger Piano Olympics took place from the 4th to the 7th of October. 


This year six young pianists between the ages of 17 and 26 faced our jury and the audience. The Olympians were: 

Thu., 4th Oct., 7:30 pm Marie Sophie Haunzel (Germany) 
Fri., 5th Oct., 7:30 pm Martin James Bartlett (England) 
Sat., 6th Oct., 11 am Samira Spiegel (Germany)
Sat., 6th Oct., 3:30 pm Aris Alexander Blettenberg (Germany)
Sat., 6th Oct., 7:30 pm Juan Pérez Floristán (Spain)
Sun., 7th Oct., 11 am Lukaz Krupinski (Poland) 

Juan Pérez FloristánThe final concert took place on the 7th of October at 6 pm. Following this, the musical director Tilman Schlömp awarded the competitors with one audience pirice and the jury prices. The winner of the first prize was Juan Pérez Floristán. The second prize and the audience prize won Martin James Bartlet. Lukasz Krupinski convinced the jury for the third prize. 

There also was an innovation in our jury this year. The journalist Mario-Felix Vogl is now part of the jury. He replaces Michael Stallknecht who can't come to the Piano Olympics anymore because of his schedule.