17. Kissinger Piano Olympics 2019

The 17th Kissinger Piano Olympics took place from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2019. 

KKO19 © Kissinger Sommer

The 17th Kissinger Piano Olympics took place at the beginning of October. All concerts were played in the Rossini-Saal. The participants were: 

Thu., 3rd Oct., 7:30 pm Daumants Liepiņš (Latvia)
Fri., 4th Oct., 7:30 pm Tiffany Poon (China) 
Sat., 5th Oct., 11 am Robert Neumann (Germany) 
Sat., 5th Oct., 3 pm Nina Gurol (Germany) 
Sat., 5th Oct., 7:30 pm Yutong sun (China) 
Sun., 6th Oct., 11 am Tomoki Sakata (Japan) 

The final concert with all six participants took place on the 6th of KKO 2019 PreisverleihungOctober at 6 pm in the Rossini-Saal. Following this, the musical director Tilman Schlömp announced the winners of the evening. The first place and audience prize were taken by Tomoki Sakata. Tiffany Poon reached the second place and Robert Neumann came in third.