Kissinger Sommer 2020


as of may 22nd 2020

Dear guests and friends of the Kissinger Sommer,

we regret to have to inform you that all concerts of the Kissinger Sommer 2020 will have to be cancelled. For the city of Bad Kissingen and our festival team, public health was the deciding factor.

Due to Corona: City of Bad Kissingen completely cancels “Kissinger Sommer 2020”

Due to state-wide regulations, no large-scale festivals are allowed to take place until at least the end of August. The city council of Bad Kissingen has therefore decided to cancel the entire “Kissinger Sommer” festival.

According to COVID-19 regulations by the German and Bavarian governments, no large events are allowed to take place until the 31st of August.

The city of Bad Kissingen had already cancelled all concerts scheduled for the Max-Littmann-Saal due to this. However, the question remained whether our 40 smaller concerts (such as those in the Rossini Saal) could still take place despite the corona regulations. In these last weeks, the city council was checking the financial, legal and organisational requirements for such a scenario.

In its meeting on the 20th of May, the council has decided to completely cancel the “Kissinger Sommer” festival. It was decided that omitting certain critical concerts of the “Kissinger Sommer” is not desirable in both an organisational and programmatic sense. Therefore the council saw no alternative to a complete cancellation.

According to mayor Dr. Dirk Vogel this is “a heavy, yet ultimately a necessary, blow to us as a cultural city during these times. Beside the cancellation of our concerts the most important aspect is our concern for everyone's health. We cannot allow our guests to be subjected to any sort of health risk during our great festival. Therefore, it is impossible for us to host the “Kissinger Sommer” in its usual form.”

Information for those who have bought “Kissinger Sommer” tickets:
If you paid via direct debit order you will not have to take any further steps. The city of Bad Kissingen will refund the price of the ticket in the near future. We do not require you to send back the tickets, they can be discarded after you have received the refund on your bank account. All customers that paid through other methods should use this link to send us a request for a refund.