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Concert Formats

Concert Formats

After Concert Lounge

A summery finale under the evening sky, every Friday following the concert. Admission incl. a drink: 12 Euro (advance) / 15 Euro (evening)

The concert is over, the applause fades. Where to put the impressions it left behind? Often, especially after overwhelming musical events, one sees small groups standing in the foyers of concert halls, wanting to discuss what they have heard and seen. En passant on the way out, this is usually not possible in a satisfactory way. For all those who want to let a concert linger a little longer, who don't want to retreat immediately into their private sphere but want to share their impressions with others in a cultivated environment, the Kissinger Sommer creates a special opportunity.

In the Schmuckhof, the renaissance-style courtyard in the middle of the Regentenbau, the festival offers an after-concert lounge every Friday. With discreet music and a drink, you can reflect on what you have experienced, talk to each other – and last but not least enjoy the different facets of the architecture that Bad Kissingen has to offer in such abundance. A summery finale under the evening sky. Should the weather not want to play along, the adjoining salon offers an equally elegant ambience.