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Broadcasting Partners

Bayerischer Rundfunk

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Since the founding of the Kissinger Sommer, Bayerischer Rundfunk (public Bavarian Broadcasting)externer Link has accompanied the festival in a committed and multifaceted way. To this day, a large number of concerts are recorded during the festival period and broadcast on BR Klassik. For the first time, BR Klassik will also produce and broadcast a festival concert as a live video stream with the programme on 8 July 2022. In addition, Bayerischer Rundfunk also provides editorial support for the Kissinger Sommer via its radio stations.


Logo DeutschlandradioThe Kissinger Sommer also maintains close ties with the two stations of Deutschlandradioexterner Link, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Deutschlandfunk, which include selected concerts of the festival in their programmes and broadcast them every year.

Additional Broadcasting Partners

During the Kissinger Sommer 2022, the Hessischer Rundfunk (hr), the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and ARTE will also be involved as broadcast partners for joint projects with the hr Symphony Orchestra (17 June) and the WDR Symphony Orchestra (24 June).

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