Kissinger KlavierOlymp 2018

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Jane Glover

will conduct instead of Enoch zu Guttenberg

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The Kissinger Sommer at the ITB 2018 in Berlin

For the third time, the Kissinger Sommer was present at the perhaps most important leading fairs of international travel trade.

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Solo Evening Grigory Sokolov

Grigory Sokolov has announced his final programme for the Kissinger Sommer

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„Music was born free; and to win freedom is its destiny.” This is how composer Ferruccio Busoni described the spirit of departure in the arts of the early 20th century. How much is there still of this tremendous freedom? The majority often decides what we hear, programme for minorities are mostly not viable. Sometimes, however, there is this one special moment when music is played live, when the exotic sounds and the moving concert experience together with the unique aura of an artist directly transfer themselves to the audience. This is something not found on radio or with Spotify. You can find this at a Kissinger Sommer concert.

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